Represented by Republican Leonard Lance
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New Jersey's 7th Congressional District is probably some cartographer's nightmare.  Including municipalities in SIX counties, it stretches from dense Essex (hello Millburn!), through parts of the more traditionally suburban Morris (Chester, Mount Olive, Netcong), Somerset (Bedminster, Bernardsville, Bridgewater, Hillsborough, Somerville), and Union (Clark, Cranford, Springfield, Summit, Union) counties, into the more rural environs of Warren (Franklin, Phillipsburg), and all of Hunterdon, county.  

The 7th is currently represented by Leonard Lance, another self-styled moderate Republican who has done little but rubber stamp the deeply conservative policies of the current administration.  Though he did vote against the Tax Scam, he voted for Trump Care, the gutting of environmental protections, and the repeal of Net Neutrality.  He is opposed to gun control, same-sex marriage, and marijuana legalization.  This despite never having received more than 60% support from his constituents in any election, including just 54% in 2016.  In fact, he has a Trump Score of 88.1%, despite representing a district that voted for Hillary Clinton 49% to 47.5%.

There are currently seven Democratic candidates (and one Republican challenger!) slated to run in the June primary.  Activist Goutam Jois, former Army attorney Kurt Perhach, environmentalist David Pringle, lawyer Scott Salmon, and businesswoman Linda Weber all continue to campaign strongly.  However, after Lisa Mandelblatt's withdrawal from the campaign and endorsement of Tom Malinowski, the latter has emerged as the front runner. 

A Polish immigrant, Malinowski grew up in New Jersey, became a Rhodes Scholar, and has worked in the Federal Government since the Clinton administration, including as Assistant Attorney General under Obama.  In the later days of this administration, Malinowski claims to have played a central role in providing the Senate with intelligence on Russian interference in the 2016 election, leading to the appointment of Mueller as Special Prosecutor.  His campaign focuses on a mixture of progressive domestic policy with a strong emphasis on his history of work in the national security apparatus.