NJ-03:  Represented by Tom MacArthur
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New Jersey's third congressional district runs fully across south New Jersey, from the shore to the Delaware, and includes most of both Burlington and Ocean counties.  The municipalities of Bordentown, Burlington, Mount Laurel, and Pemberton, plus Brick, Ocean, Seaside Heights, and Toms River, are all a part of the district.

Though it has long been represented by Republicans, the third district is quite purple, having voted for Obama twice and Gore in 2000, though all by narrow margins.  Wealthy businessman-cum-politician Tom MacArthur spent $5 million of his own money to win the seat in 2014, and held on for reelection in 2016 with 60% of the vote.  Though he styles himself a moderate, MacArthur's actions since 2016 have shown him in lock step with the Trump agenda.  He became infamous for his "MacArthur Amendment" to the Republican healthcare plan, which proposed to remove protections from people with pre-existing conditions, and for being the only member of New Jersey's congressional delegation to vote for the Trump tax cuts.

Though Frederick John LaVergne, who lost to MacArthur in 2016, is set to run again, the likely Democratic nominee is Andy Kim.  Kim is a lifelong South Jersey resident, who served in the Defense Department and the Pentagon.  His campaign has mixed progressive social policies--increased healthcare access, fighting off-shore drilling and climate change, and ending corporate control of government--with strong support for national security and the military, especially support for veterans.