Represented by Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen.
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Due to the energetic activism of NJ 11th for Change, the district encompassing large parts of Morris County, plus areas of Sussex, Passaic, and Essex counties, including the municipalities of Morristown, Parsipanny, and Montclair, has garnered the most attention of all the New Jersey swing districts.  

Rodney Frelinghuysen has represented the 11th district since 1994.  He began his career as a classic northeast fiscal conservative with moderate social views, however over the years he has drifted, along with his party, further and further toward the right.  In a district that Trump carried by less than 1%, Frelinghuysen has infuriated many of his constituents by voting with the administration over 90% of the time.  

There are currently five candidates registered for the Democratic primary to challenge Frelinghuysen in November.  Mikie Sherill is considered the front runner, having received numerous party endorsements.  However, Tamara HarrisMitchell Cobert, and Mark Washburne continue to run vigorous campaigns.