We Have Impeachment. Now What?

Things have moved fast, and suddenly the prospect of impeaching Donald Trump has transformed into the debate about how to proceed with it.

The president's actions toward Ukraine show clear criminality. But does that make his other reprehensible behavior less worthy of scrutiny?

Indivisible has called for a quick and focused inquiry, followed by a vote, and it seems the House Democrats are thinking along similar lines. But there are also compelling arguments for expanding and extending the inquiry to not only include the wide array of Trump's crimes, but also to continue building public support for his removal.

Regardless of your opinion, your Congressional Rep needs to hear from you. It was, after all, grassroots pressure that lead us to this moment. So give them a call:

Albio Sires: (202) 225-7919
Donald Payne, Jr: (202) 225-3436

Events and Actions
-This Thursday, Never Again Action, along with North NJ DSA, Cosecha, and Unidad Latina en Accion NJ, is organizing to shut down the ICE field office in Newark. Join us at 4PM at 970 Board St for direct action against the incarceration and deportation machine.

-If you have a little money to spare for this community treasure, please consider making a donation to the "Goat Fund Me" campaign at Jersey City's Historic Cemetery.

-Jersey City has put out a survey to see what the community needs. Drop them a response if you're a resident!

-And the NJ legislature is STILL yet to act on Governor Murphy's conditional veto of the tax incentives bill, so be sure to call your reps (or call again!).