A Reason to Vote in November

We all know that every voter should vote in every election, but with few competitive races in an area long run by Democrats, the 2019 general election is not exactly inspiring for most around here.

But those of us in Jersey City will now have a great reason to turn up at the polls on November 5th. Last Wednesday, the Jersey City Council rejected a motion to repeal an ordinance setting common sense regulations on short-term apartment rentals, meaning the proposal will likely appear as a referendum on our ballots.

The original ordinance targets developers' use of apartment buildings exclusively as hotel-like rentals, through online rental services like Airbnb. Such practices avoid taxes and regulations on hotels, and drive up residential rent by taking these properties off the long-term rental market.

In response, Airbnb has launched an aggressive campaign against the ordinance, using misinformation tactics on TV and online to paint themselves, and the residents of Jersey City, as victims. In reality, repealing the new regulations would hurt most residents, while allowing Airbnb and its developer friends to continue wringing profits from our real estate.

Thus, we encourage all Jersey City residents to vote to support the regulation of Airbnb on November 5. In the coming months, we also hope to coordinate with organizations such the Hudson County DSA and the Hotel Trades Council in actively campaigning in our community in the run up to the election.

So stay tuned!