Let's Not Kid Ourselves

It's gotten really really bad--the normalization of white nationalist violence, coupled with gaslighting and double-speak from those who are supposed to represent democratic values, seems to intensify every day.

Instead of despair, however, we continue to work, a little bit at a time, to make things better. You can start, as always, by taking time to call your elected officials. Neither Albio Sires nor Donald Payne, Jr, are hosting town halls during the current Congressional recess, so they'll have plenty of time to chat.

To their credit, both Sires and Payne have been outspoken in the wake of last week's domestic terrorist attacks, calling for the Senate to return immediate to address gun control measures, and condemning the racist ideology of the El Paso attacker and the current administration.

Whether you'd like to thank them for their statements, ask them why they don't hold town halls, or let them know how you feel about an impeachment inquiry, they should hear from you:

Sires: (202) 225-7919
Payne: (202) 225-3436

We're also hosting another Letter and Postcard Party (in conjunction with Vote Forward) this Tuesday, August 13, in Jersey City from 7 to 9pm. Come help us reach out to potential new voters in swing states, as well as voters in key Assembly races happening this fall.

We hope to see you there!