Lights for Liberty

If we look to Sudan, or Hong Kong, we can see that when political establishments fail the will of the people, the people must take action.

A few weeks ago, in response to the horrors of immigration detention in the United States, a coalition of groups, including the Center for Popular Democracy, the Immigration Defense Project, and the ACLUannounced Lights for Liberty, a mass, nationwide action, for this Friday, June 12, starting at 7PM EDT, and ending with a coordinated vigil at 9PM.

NJ-08 for Progress will be at the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza, but events are also planned at the Elizabeth Detention Center, and Hoboken (including a daytime event), while a major rally by the Lights for Liberty organizers will take place at Foley Square in New York.

Election Action

Virginia and Arizona are two of Swing Left's Super States, in which elections this and next year, including for President, will have a huge impact on our nation's future.

We'll be writing letters encouraging new voters to register in both states on Tuesday, July 16, at a private home in Paulus Hook. RSVP for the address, and hope to see you there!