What Can We Do?

This Friday, we participated in the Lights for Liberty vigil to end human concentration camps. And the number one question we heard was, "now what?"

With Congressional leadership failing to put up any meaningful barrier to the cruelty of our current immigration policy, and an increase in ICE raids planned to begin today in major cities, the rally was just a first step. We must continue our fight to protect immigrants. Here are some steps we can take:

Regime Change

Of course, so long as the current regime retains power, we will continue to see such attacks on immigrants and the least powerful among us.

The power to begin Impeachment proceedings remains with the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. Be sure to call Albio Sires ((202) 225-7919) or Donald Payne ((202) 225-3436) to tell them how you feel about opening such an inquiry.

We also must continue fighting to end Republican power across the country, looking toward both to the elections of 2020, and some key races this November.

We'll be writing letters encouraging new voters to register in Virginia and Arizona this Tuesday, July 16, at a private home in Paulus Hook. Another wave election could give Democrats complete control over the state government in Virginia. And Arizona will be a key state in removing Republican power from both the White House and the Senate in 2020.

RSVP for the address, and hope to see you there!