Springing Into Action

Just a year from now, we will be in the full-scale midst of the 2020 campaign.  But rather than obsess over early polls, we want to spend this next year building our progressive foundations here at home--there is so much we can do, and so many great people out there already doing it.  Here are some ways you can join us:

Next Weekend:
Saturday morning, 4/13, we'll be joining volunteers all around Jersey City for the 4th Annual Jersey City Clean Up at 10 AM.  There are meetup locations all over the city, so wherever you are is a great place to join.

Then, after making our community a cleaner place, we'll be planning how we can make it a more just place with the Hudson County DSA.  They are meeting at 1 PM at the King-Kairos Social Justice House on the Saint Peter's University campus.  

Further On:
We'll be joining our friends at Force the Issue NJ and the Resistance JC at the celebration of their merger on May 11 at Zeppelin Hall Beirgarten at 1 PM. We're excited to hear about their plans for 2019 and beyond.

And, of course, we'll be out campaigning for our favorite candidates for the Hudson County Democratic County Committee all month.  Check back here next week for updates on how you can help out!

Who to Call

And if you're itching to act today, there's never a bad time to remind our Congressional representatives to keep pushing for oversight over the Trump administration.  Call Albio Sires (202-225-7919) or Donald Payne (202-225-3436) to remind them to keep up their support of congressional investigations, including demands for the full Mueller Report.