Canvassing Time Approaches!

As the next round of elections inch closer, it's about time to make our plans to hit the streets.

Canvass Plans
We know you've been reading about our plans for the County Committee, and we know you want to get more involved.  Whether you are a candidate, you're planning to support one of your neighbors, or you just want to help us take on the Hudson County machine, you can join us on Wednesday, May 8, at 8PM at Grace Van Vorst Church in Jersey City.

We'll be learning about how to use data to find voters, create messaging and materials, and approach your neighbors and ask for their votes.  We'll also be linking up volunteers with candidates, so come out of if you are willing to help!

We are also very excited to be planning two canvassing trips for West New York Town Commissioner Candidate Adil Ahmed.  A former union organizer and community development attorney, Ahmed is running on a progressive reform platform, targeting corruption and bloat in government spending, the use of PILOT funds, and unfair labor practices, among a long list of issues

Let us know if you would like to join in canvassing on Saturday, April 27, or Saturday, May 4, ahead of the May 14 municipal election.  

Who to Call
Acting quickly and decisively on Thursday, Representative Sires released a statementcalling for his colleagues in the House to use the "constitutional measures available" to their committees in addressing the President's wrongdoings as outlined in the Mueller report.  Representative Payne tweeted about the definition of culpability, but has yet to call for specific action.  They both need to hear from constituents thanking them for their leadership, and asking them about the specific actions they want to see taken.

Give them a call: 
Albio Sires (202-225-7919)
Donald Payne Jr. (202-225-3436)