Quick Actions

In a slightly delayed version of this update, we've got a few quick actions for everyone, as we enter what should be a momentous week at the Federal, State, and Local levels.

1.  Thank Rep. Sires

As soon as news of the Mueller report became public, Rep. Sires tweeted his insistence that the full report be released to the House of Representatives, and to the public.  

He deserves thanks for this, and encouragement to keep promoting transparency and the use of House oversight powers in the absolute slog that is to come.  Call him at (202) 225-7919.

2.  Tell your State Reps How You Feel About Marijuana Legalization

With the New Jersey Legislature set to vote on Marijuana Legalization tomorrowthere are still many undecided lawmakers around Hudson County.  Now is your chance to have your voice heard--look up your representatives and call them tomorrow to tell them how you want them to vote.

3.  Decide to Run for County Committee

There is now only one week left to submit a petition to run for the Hudson County Democratic Committee.  If you haven't seen our previous updates, we'll be happy to answer any questions you have--just shoot us an email!