Three Weeks to Decide

So, you've been reading all about the Hudson County Democratic Committee over the last few weeks.

And you're intrigued by the idea of running.

The job doesn't seem too hard.  But it also seems like a role in which you could really make a difference.  

But you've been busy.  And it's been cold.  And sometimes it's just hard to get out of your routine.  

Fortunately, you are reading this right in time.  Because we are here to help put together your run.  

Since you've read our guide to the County Committee, you know that, once you've decided to run, you need to submit a notarized petition to your municipal clerk's office, with 15-20 signature from your future constituents, by April 1.  Once you've done that, you are officially a candidate.

And this is where we can help--email us for information on how to get your petition and how to get it notarized--if you live in Jersey City, we even have a few petitions on hand that we can provide.

We hope to hear from you soon!