Let's Run the Committee

You've probably never seen a campaign ad for the Hudson County Democratic Committee.  Yet, this elected office, for which all registered Democrats are entitled to vote, has an outsized impact on who governs in Hudson County.

Elected for two years in June elections in odd-numbered years, a male and female County Committee member represent each election district in Hudson County.  Each district represents 6-8 city blocks, only a few hundred constituents. 

The committee, several hundred strong, meets only once a year, and currently has only one real job--electing the county party leadership. 

And the county party leadership?  They choose their preferred candidates for primary elections, giving them priority status on the ballot, which generally guarantees they will win the party nomination.

And since the Democratic Party dominates general elections in Hudson County, the leadership's choice almost always ends up in office.

Thus, these June elections, in which few voters participate, end up determining much of who wins our general elections.  We'd like to have a much larger say in this.

Working with the JC Progressive Alliance, who began organizing campaigns for Committee in 2017, we have a three-pronged plan to run the Committee:

  1. Increase awareness of the June elections and encourage people to register as Democrats.

  2. Encourage people to run for Committee positions in their districts.

  3. Connect constituents to their Committee members so they can ask them to support measures to make the selection process more democratic.

We'd love for you to join us.  We'll be meeting this Tuesday, February 5, at 210 3rd Street in Jersey City, a 8PM to start making our initial plans. And we'll have a follow up meeting on Wednesday, February 20 to plan our How to Run trainings on February 25 and 27. 

See you there!