There's Lots to Do This Week

We won't waste your time.

Emergency Response

The President is the real emergency--so protest his emergency declaration on President's Day.  Indivisible has protests in ManhattanNewark, and Staten Island.

And be sure to call Albio Sires (202-225-7919), Robert Menendez (202-224-4744), and Cory Booker (202-224-3224) to remind them that we expect our Congresspeople to do everything in their power to end this farcical "emergency."

Redistricting Reform

Though we weathered attempts to introduce a partisan gerrymander in NJ in December, fair redistricting processes in our state and elsewhere will be key to reestablishing majority rule.

On Tuesday, the League of Women's Voters of New Jerseythe Network for Responsible Public Policy, and Fair Districts New Jersey, will host a Public Forum on Redistricting Reform Best Practices at Bethany Baptist Church in Newark.

Democratic Committee Plans

We've told you of the importance of the Hudson County Democratic Committee, and how you can get in touch with your Committee People.  

This week, we're planning our How to Run trainings, which will take place on the 25thand 27th.  Email us to find out how you can help with the planning.