Contact Your Committee People

Last week, we explained how important the little-known Hudson County Democratic Committee is in deciding who wins elections in Hudson County.

As you might expect, it isn't very easy to find out who our County Committee People are.  Since there are two representatives for each election district in the county, the total number of Committee People is well over 800.  And there is no public directory.

But these are elected officials, and it is our right as constituents to talk to them about how we want them to vote.  Thus, we've developed a three-step process for you to find your Committee People.

First, go to the NJ Division of Electionswebsite and enter your address to find your Ward and District.  (If you live in Jersey City, your district will  appear as a number instead of a letter--1=A, 2=B, etc.)

Then, use the municipal lists here to find the name and address of your two Committee People.

And finally, get in touch!  With the address you can write a letter or knock on a door, but you can also search the web (or Facebook!) to find other ways you may be able to contact with them.

What should you say?  After exchanging pleasantries, ask if they would be willing to support a one-person, one-vote policy in the selection of the party line in primary elections.  Their answer will tell you a lot about where they stand.