Vote Tuesday, Rally Thursday

The next federal election is exactly one year from today--and I think we're all well aware of the stakes for that contest. But there are also important local and state races coming for a vote this week.

Regardless of who you support, we strongly encourage you to exercise your democratic duty and vote on Tuesday, November 5.

We support "Yes" on Jersey City Ballot Question #1, and think Tara Stafford is the best choice on the Jersey City School Board. Whomever else you support for school board (and you get five choices!), we think voting for Sudhan Thomas is a horrible idea.

In Hoboken's 3rd City Council District, we're supporting progressive Ron Bautista. And countywide, we are hearing rumors that Eleana Little is running a fierce write-in campaign for Sherifff.

After the election, and before the new Assembly takes office next, there are rumblings that some important progressive legislation may finally get a vote in New Jersey.

Among these lame duck bills may be one to offer driver's licenses to undocumented people, which studies show makes everyone safer.

Join Let's Drive NJ for a rally at the State Capitol in Trenton on Thursday at 10:30 AM to call for action from our state legislature.

And, of course, don't forget to call your House Reps and tell them your opinion on the Impeachment Inquiry. Give them a call:

Albio Sires: (202) 225-7919
Donald Payne, Jr: (202) 225-3436