Spoo-ooky Canvass

NJ08 for Progress would first like to admit that this newsletter begins with a misleading headline.

Though there is plenty spooky about the New Jersey Democratic Party's inability to pursue a progressive agenda despite having full control of government, this weekend's canvassing trip for Christine Clarke is not Halloween-themed (though you are fully within your legal rights to canvass wearing a costume).

Clarke, a committed environmental advocate and grassroots organizer, is running for State Assembly in Legislative District 26. A victory for her would not only unseat noted right-wing zealot Jay Webber, but also provide another genuine progressive voice in the state house.

We'll be going out to canvass this Saturday, 10/26, starting at 9:30 AM. RSVP here, or reply to this email, to organize rides and meetup.

And, of course, don't forget to call your House Reps and tell them your opinion on the Impeachment Inquiry. Give them a call:

Albio Sires: (202) 225-7919
Donald Payne, Jr: (202) 225-3436