New Congress, New Actions

The 116th United States Congress is now in session, and, largely thanks to your efforts, the Democratic Party controls the House.  Our very own Democratic Congressperson, Albio Sires,needs to hear from all of us about how we expect him to vote.  Join us this week:

Contact Info:
Representative Albio Sires
DC:  (202) 225-7919
West NY:  (201) 558-0800

Tell Him to Support:

  1. Federal Government Funding Resolutions WITHOUT money for a border wall.

  2. HR 1:  A sweeping set of reforms to voting, campaign finance, and ethics laws, designed to increase transparency and voter access.

  3. Repeal of PAYGO:  A Republican-rule that requires budgetary cuts before new spending is approved, hamstringing progressive priorities.

  4. Major Progressive Priorities such as Medicare for All (which he supported in the 115th Congress) and the Green New Deal.

upcoming events

Women's March on New Jersey 2019
Co-sponsored by NJ-08 for Progress

Trenton War Memorial
Trenton, NJ
Saturday, January 19
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Bus Info from Jersey City

NJ-08 for Progress
Public Meeting

Join our campaign for a more inclusive and progressive NJ-08.

City Hall - Jersey City
280 Grove Street
Wednesday, January 23
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM