Time to Take Action

Thank you to all who attended our public meeting last Wednesday.  We had a lively discussion with a number of great ideas for how we can continue to push for a progressive agenda at all levels of our government.

Congressional Action

Following the lead of Indivisible, we are planning actions to hold our own Representative in NJ-08 accountable to his constituents and promote a progressive agenda. Send an email to join this campaign.

Local Action

Joining with JC Progressive Alliance, we will also be encouraging and promoting people to run for the Hudson County Democratic Committee in their local district this June. Email here if you would like to join us in trying to address the way in which patronage influences our government in Hudson County.

State Action

We also had a great conversation about promoting progressive challengers in this year's State Assembly elections. Email here if you would like to help coordinate this campaign.

We are only as strong as we all are together, so we hope to hear from you all soon!