Shutdown Solidarity

With all eyes on the border wall staring match, our newly elected Congress deserves both thanks and reminders of what we, their constituents, expect from them.

While there are several progressive prioritiesthat we want to push Representative Sires to support, he also deserves our thanks this week for his outspoken promotion of wall-free government funding legislation.  Give him a call at (202) 225-7919 or (201) 558-0800.

Also deserving a call of thanks is Senator Booker ((202) 224-3224), who voted with 43 of his Senate colleagues to deny a vote on Senate Bill 1.  This vote both blocked legislation designed to curtail legitimate speech against Israel, and sent a strong message to Mitch McConnell that the Senate would not be allowed to proceed as usual until another vote on government funding was brought to the floor.

Unfortunately, embattled but freshly-elected Senator Menendez was one of only four Democratic senators to support the bill.  He deserves a call reminding him that we may not be willing to hold our nose and vote for him again in 2024:  202.224.4744.