Freeholder Action

Hudson County is supposed to be Blue.  Our congresspeople, our state representatives, mayors, councils, and executives are supposed to represent progressive values, and love to make grand pronouncements against the far right swing in American politics.

But then there are the Hudson County Freeholders.

After ending the 287-g agreement with ICE in February under intense activist pressure, the Freeholders thought they had fallen back below notice.  And so they got sneaky.

At their last meeting, the Freeholders, in a last-minute addendum, voted to extend their expiring contract to house ICE detainees(including some parents separated from their children) for ten years, continuing their revenue stream at the cost of using Hudson County public facilities to support "Zero Tolerance" immigration enforcement.  

The Freeholders can no longer be allowed to hide.  This Thursday, August 9, at 1PM, the Freeholders will hold their first public meeting since the extension of the contract, and they must hear from the people of Hudson County.  Thus, we call on all those who can to attend the meeting and speak out against our continued cooperation with ICE.  

Local Voltron Events

We are also continuing our efforts to support Democratic candidates in swing districts in New Jersey.  

We have three upcoming Postcard Writing events--on Wednesday, August 15 in Hamilton Park; on Tuesday, August 21, at a private home in Paulus Hook; and on Tuesday, August 28 at a private home in Jersey City Heights.  

In addition, we are planning more caravan trips out to canvass in swing districts--they are a lot of fun and the best way to engage voters!  You can find plenty of canvassing opportunities around New Jersey by checking the Swing Left district calendars listed below.

If you're interested in hosting or attending these or other events, email for more information.