The End of Summer

This summer, NJ-08 for Progress, along with so many of you who receive this weekly message, worked to redefine the idea of a summer break. 

We sent thousands of postcards reminding registered Democrats to vote in November.  We knocked on doors in Bergen, Union, Morris, and Ocean counties to spread the word about the exciting candidates running to replace Republicans in Congress.  And, most recently, we've begun expanding our network to ramp up our efforts in the final two months of our campaign.

Just as you have written postcards and joined caravans to canvass this summer, we invite you to join us at biweekly events in the lead up to November.  During the week, we will devote one evening to postcard writing and phone banking; then, on the weekends, we will be arranging trips out to canvass in the parts of New Jersey.  

Stay tuned for further details--we hope to see you there!

Local Voltron Events

Our final Postcard Writing in August will be on Tuesday, August 28 at the Nonlinear Knitting Studio in Jersey City Heights.  And our first Postcard Writing/Phonebanking event of September will debut at Barrow Mansion in Downtown Jersey City on Thursday, September 6.

And finally, the next Hudson County Freeholders meeting will take place on September 13, at a much more manageable 6PM.  Cracks in their support for the ICE contract renewal began to show in their August meeting, with the Chairman going as far as to say he is exploring options for ending the contract in a recent interview.  While there are reasonable arguments to maintain a contract that allows detainees to remain close to their families, the Freeholders need to be reminded that they have a responsibility to listen to the views of their constituents.

If you're interested in hosting or attending these or other events, email for more information.