Postcards and Plans

With only 79 days until the midterm elections, the time is now.

If we are to succeed in our quest to flip all of New Jersey blue, we must find a way to use the few free afternoons and weekends we have in these 79 days to our advantage.  

This Tuesday, August 21, we will be continuing our series of August postcard writing events in Paulus Hook.  As a bonus, we will also be collecting the best minds in town to make our plan for the best use of those 79 days--a plan that will include more postcards, canvassing trips, and phone banking.  

Whether it's to write postcards or make plans, we hope to see you there!

Local Voltron Events

Our final Postcard Writing in August will be on Tuesday, August 28 at a private home in Jersey City Heights.  

In addition, we are planning more caravan trips out to canvass in swing districts--they are a lot of fun and the best way to engage voters!  You can find plenty of canvassing opportunities around New Jersey by checking the Swing Left district calendars listed below.

And finally, the next Hudson County Freeholders meeting will take place on September 13, at a much more manageable 6PM.  Cracks in their support for the ICE contract renewal began to show in their August meeting, with the Chairman going as far as to say he is exploring options for ending the contract in a recent interview.  It is time to increase the pressure by letting them know, in droves, how their constituents feel about cooperation with "Zero Tolerance Immigration Enforcement."  

If you're interested in hosting or attending these or other events, email for more information.