Postcards in the Park

Now that warm summer days are in full swing, we at NJ-08 For Progress can combine our two favorite summer activities--enjoying lovely summer weather, and flipping the House blue.

Come join us in Hamilton Park in Jersey City on Wednesday, July 18, to write post cards as part of a Hamilton Park Community Action.  Thanks to the HPNA, we will have a spot in the farmer's market for any and all who are interested to send postcards to voters in swing districts in New Jersey, reminding them of the importance of their vote in November.

And there will also, as always, be plenty of great food, family friendly entertainment, and, of course, lots and lots of dogs and children playing, so we should all have something to look forward to.  Come by any time after 3PM.

We hope to see you there!

Local Voltron Events

We are also continuing our efforts to win back the house in New Jersey.

There are still three more Tuesday night fundraisers at South House in downtown Jersey City.  This week, July 17 you can contribute $25 to NJ-7 candidate Tom Malinowski.

Also on Tuesday, July 17, there will be another postcard signing party at the Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Weehawken at 6:30 PM. 

We are also organizing groups to join canvassers in the various swing districts.  Though you may have missed our trip out to Clark this morning, we will be sending another group out canvassing for Malinowski on Saturday, July 28, in Summit New Jersey.  Contact us through Facebook or at to arrange a ride from downtown Jersey City.

If you're interested in hosting or attending, email for more information.

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