What Can You Do?

NJ-08 For Progress proudly registered 25 new voters at yesterday's March for Our Lives in Jersey City.  Most of these were 17 and 18 year old students who will vote for the first time this year.  They will vote for better gun laws, and they will vote for a better future in our communities.

Albio Sires is the proud bearer of an F from the NRA.  He represents us well in this, but voting him back in is not enough to make change.  We need to flip the house, and that means taking actions around New Jersey.

Thus, we ask you to join us this Wednesday, March 28th, in Jersey City, to answer some questions:

  • Can you donate to a SwingLeft District Fund and share it on social media?  
  • Can you commit to host or help host a fundraising party immediately after the primary?
  • Can you sign up to phone-bank or host a phone-banking party?
  • Can you sign up to canvass or if you have a vehicle to transport other canvassers to the target district?

And when you answer yes, we will be beside you to provide help and guidance.  We hope to see you there.


Upcoming Events

In these regular email updates, we will be providing information on upcoming events and volunteer opportunities in which we can all join.  

2nd District
ATNJ Adopt-a-District and Facebook Group
NJ2 Candidate Forum on Saturday, April 28th in Mays Landing
3rd District
Act Blue Fundraiser
ATNJ Adopt-a-District and Facebook Group
Beachwood Bash on Wednesday, March 28th in Beachwood
5th District
Act Blue Fundraiser
ATNJ Adopt-a-District and Facebook Group
Canvass voters in Hackensack, for November's congressional election in NJD5
 on Saturday, April 7th in Hackensack
Voter Registration - Bergen Community College on Tuesday, April 10th in Paramus
Warren County Voter Registration on Saturday, April 28th in Washington
Belvidere Canvass - Warren County on Sunday, April 29th in Belvidere
7th District
Ongoing Voter Registration with NJ-7 Votes
Act Blue Fundraiser
ATNJ Adopt-a-District and Facebook Group
NJ-07 Commit to Vote Canvass:  Cranford on Sunday, April 8th in Cranford
FLIP NJ07 Trivia Night on Thursday, April 12th in Highland Park
Swing Left Door-Knocking Event in Cranford, New Jersey NJ-07 on Sunday, April 29th in Cranford
11th District
Act Blue Fundraiser
ATNJ Adopt-a-District and Facebook Group
District 11 Congressional Candidate Forum on Thursday, April 26th in Madison
May Canvassing for NJ-11 on Saturday, May 12th in Morristown