Resolved: Keep Up the Fight in 2019

We won the House.  And it's already reaping rewards.

But the fight for a better government is far from over.  Thus, we at NJ-08 for Progress have just one Resolution as we head into 2019--to keep fighting for a more inclusive and progressive America.

On Wednesday, January 23, just after we celebrate our third Women's March, we'll be hosting a public meeting in Jersey City to formulate our plans for 2019.  We've got a lot of ideas,and we'd love to hear yours.

Taking our cue from Indivisible 2.0, we plan to keep up the pressure on our elected officials, making sure they deliver on their promises on healthcare, the environment, voter protection, and more.


We plan to continue the efforts at community and voter outreach that were so successful in 2018.

Because we know we need a strong progressive coalition to continue our success, we also plan to reach out to, aid, and coordinate with organizations throughout Hudson County and the 8th District that are already fighting the good fight.

And finally, we know how important a plurality of voices are in grassroots organizing, so we plan to give all progressives the chance to pursue their projects.  So be sure to bring yours.

See you on the 23rd!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,
NJ-08 for Progress