We Made Progress

Tuesday night brought so many firsts: the first Muslim and Native American women elected to Congress, the first Latina and Black women from many states and districts, and the first openly gay governor. Closer to home, Somerset County elected its first Democratic Freeholder in more than 30 years.   

And of course, we helped flip THREE House seats AND held onto a critical Senate seat! 

We could not have done any of it without you--without:

  • More than a dozen phone banks.

  • Nine back-to-back weekends of canvassing in three districts.

  • Hundreds of hours of volunteering.

  • And So. Many. Postcards. 

In December 2017, we had a vision to flip GOP-held seats in New Jersey. And this week, we accomplished those dreams, and then some.  Thanks to all of you who joined and supported us.  And special thanks to all of the amazing folks who hosted an event or drove to a canvass in the past year. 

Now, the fight continues.  Now we work to hold our elected officials accountable, to rally our community, and to resist the president's agenda. 

Click here and tell us how you want to get involved in the next phase.

We can't wait to keep making democracy happen with you.

Mallory, Crystal Eleana, Rebecca, Ryan and Caitlin
The NJ-08 for Progress Steering Committee