September Campaign

Fight for Your Voting Rights

Just four years ago Chief Justice John Roberts declared, “Our country has changed,” as he gutted key provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  He was wrong.  

We’ve seen a flux of laws that claim to reduce voting fraud, but in reality suppress the votes of people who’ve historically been disenfranchised. The Republican Congress has used these laws to gerrymander districts, discourage voter turnout and get our current president elected. And they continue to manipulate the power of your vote.

Take action this September with NJ-08 for Progress in protecting everyone’s right to vote and ensure our government truly represents the will of the people.

1.  Join NJ-08 for Progress for National Voter Registration Day

We need you!  On Tuesday, September 26th, volunteers from NJ-08 for Progress and our partner organizations will take to the PATH stations and public spaces of our district to register voters as part of National Voter Registration Day.  Find a time and location that fits your schedule, then let us know you plan to join us by emailing info@nj08forprogress.  See you there!


2.  Tell Our State Government Not to Cooperate with Federal Voter Suppression

Earlier this year, the president created the Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity, led by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Instead of ensuring elections are truly representative of the people, the Commission requested voter data from all 50 states as a way to purge the voter roles of “undesirable voters.”

In July, New Jersey’s elections division announced it would not release any information to Kobach that was “not publicly available,” but so long as Governor Christie remains a part of Trump’s administration, the spectre of further cooperation will not disappear.

Call the New Jersey Division of Elections at 609-292-3760 to remind Christie and Guadagno that the people of New Jersey will not long tolerate any voter data being turned over to Kobach and his cronies.

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