December Campaign Part 1

Economic Equality for the Holidays

Like most of us, NJ-08 for Progress turns its attention to helping our fellow humans, especially those most vulnerable during the holiday season.  Whether you want to help feed the homeless in our community, or stand against the rising tide of kleptocracy in Washington, we have actions for you to take this December.


1.  Serve the homeless with Food Not Bombs on December 10th

Though the GOP's self-serving tax bill - which is widely condemned by poverty experts and advocates - ticks toward law, we can send a clear message to our neighbors and representatives with out actions. Meet NJ-08 for Proress at 11:45 AM sharp, on Sunday 12/10, at the top of the escalator at Journal Square PATH station. Dress appropriately for the weather!

In addition to our volunteer efforts, Food Not Bombs welcomes donations of paper plates, disposable silverware, and winter clothes, socks, and hygiene products. 

Once we are assembled, we'll walk across the street to the 9/11 Memorial, where they actually serve the food.

PBS Chart.png

2. Thank Your Reps for Opposing the #TrumpTaxScam

While it may be too late now to stop the disastrous Republican Tax Plan, it is not because the representatives of NJ-08 did not fight it.  In fact, Representative SiresSenator Booker, and Senator Menendezall strongly condemned the bill and urged Congress to abandon it.

As such, their efforts are worthy of our thanks.  Give them a call to let them know how much you appreciate their outspoken leadership, and encourage them to continue the fight!

Rep Sires
Senator Booker
Senator Menendez