NJ-08 for Progress is an organization of the constituents of New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District, seeking progress in both the process and the policies of our government.  Progress will come by uniting, educating and activating progressive voters to ensure our Congressional representatives provide strong leadership on critical issues reflecting the values of our diverse communities.  It is our belief that an increase in the direct engagement of citizens in the process of government is directly related to the improved influence of government on the lives of citizens.

First and foremost, we seek an increase in the accessibility of our elected representatives.  We wish to see them address the concerns of their constituents in an open and honest dialogue, appear regularly at events in which these concerns may be addressed, and articulate the rationale of decisions made in our government.

Second, we seek the implementations of progressive government policies that will improve the lives of all people:

  • Healthcare - We seek a universal health care system that provides quality care for all, regardless of economic status and medical need.

  • Financial Regulation - We seek reforms to the financial industry assuring the economic well-being of the American people does not depend on the scruples of Wall Street bankers, by providing firm regulatory checks & balances.  These reforms must include stronger protections against conflicts of interest throughout the industry as well as meaningful criminal and civil consequences for those whose reckless decisions cause undue harm to stakeholders.

  • Immigration - We seek an end to the dehumanization of the undocumented, and a formal legal status for all those who desire opportunity and sanctuary within our borders. In addition, we seek the advancement of fair and welcoming community policies.

  • Election Reform - We seek reforms to our electoral processes (including early voting, mail-in ballots and a national election holiday) that remove the undue influence of private money, provide for automatic voter registration, and ensure that voting is easy, efficient and accountable.

  • Public Education - We seek educational policies that will guarantee a fair and equitable distribution of resources to prepare all students for 21st Century citizenship, including debt-free public colleges, universities and trade schools. We seek policies that focus on the classroom by minimizing standardized testing, rewarding dedicated educators, and encouraging innovation.

  • Criminal Justice Reform - We seek reforms to our criminal justice system including: the end of the War on Drugs; the legalization of marijuana; the abolition of the death penalty; the dismantling of federal laws that provide incentives for mass incarceration, militarized police, and private prisons; universal adoption of community-focused police practices; a focus on rehabilitation and restoration of rights for the incarcerated; the regulation of firearms; and increased penalties for political corruption, civil rights violations and white collar crimes.

  • Civil Rights - We seek an end to discrimination in all its forms, especially state-sanctioned policies aimed against minorities of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity, as well as policies outlawing private discrimination in the workplace and in public accommodations.

  • Reproductive Health - We seek a guarantee of the right for women to be educated about and control their own reproductive health as essential for a just society.

  • Environmental Issues - We seek dramatic reforms to the consumption of energy and space within our borders in response to the need for environmental sustainability to address the cataclysm of climate change.  We support federal funding for the creation and expansion of green spaces, improvement of public transportation systems, and policies that ensure that both aging public infrastructure and legacy pollution issues that disproportionately affect low income communities of color are addressed pro-actively and decisively.  

  • Foreign Policy - We seek to become a beacon of peace, fellowship and sanctuary to the rest of the world, to pursue friendships with the people of all nations who seek their own freedom and progress, and to oppose those wherever they are who restrict this in the name of their own power.